3 Benefits of Using Local Anesthesia in Tummy Tucks

By Dr. Jeremy Pyle

Recovering from your tummy tuck should be a time of relaxation, taking care of your body and looking forward to your slimmer new figure. With the benefits offered by using a local anesthetic during your tummy tuck, you can maintain the focus of your recovery period on you, not post-surgical pain. Exparel® is one local anesthetic that can help make your recovery as comfortable as possible.

1. Lasts into Early Days of Recovery

Exparel® is the only single-dose local analgesic that can control pain for up to 72 hours. The active ingredient, bupivacaine, numbs the tissue surrounding the surgical site to provide pain relief immediately, but also gradually releases anesthetic for long-lasting pain management that continues through the early stages of your tummy tuck recovery.

2. Replaces Need for Pain Pump

A pain pump is a method of drug delivery therapy that releases pain medications directly into your spinal cord at regular intervals. While pain pumps can be effective methods of controlling discomfort after a tummy tuck, they come with an added risk of complication because they are surgically placed under the skin. Exparel®, on the other hand, is injected directly into your surgical incision, providing the same level of relief as a pain pump without the added risks.

3. Allows You to Focus on Healing

With long-lasting pain relief, you can enjoy a lower-stress recovery time. The body’s natural healing processes are powerful, but pain during recovery can be distracting and stressful, inhibiting optimum healing function. Effective pain management granted by a long-lasting local anesthetic allows you to use your recovery period to just relax, helping to ensure the best possible tummy tuck results.