3 Reasons You Should Get a Second Opinion before Breast Implants

By Dr. Glenn M. Davis

Choosing to have breast implants is an exciting time for women who’ve decided they’re ready to take the next step, so it's important to remember that choosing your surgeon is not a decision to take lightly. Getting a second (or even third) opinion is a smart way to ensure you get the most beautiful results possible.

1. Plastic Surgery Is Subjective

Breast augmentation is an aesthetic procedure with some degree of subjectivity, so different surgeons may have different opinions about which implants will suit you best. Having multiple consultations is a great way to explore the opinions of several medical professionals about factors like incision placement and what size and type of implants you should choose. These meetings only help you become better informed about which decisions may be right for you.

2. Finding the Perfect Surgeon May Take Time

Seeking more than one opinion before surgery can be very helpful in helping a patient understand the many different approaches available for their breast augmentation. Performing breast augmentation combines medical practice with an artistic instinct, so finding the perfect surgeon who makes you feel comfortable and truly understands your goals may take some time.

Above all, choosing a board certified surgeon with extensive experience is a top priority. A high degree of surgical skill is essential for beautiful breast augmentation results.

3. Meeting a Few “Wrong” Surgeons May Help You Recognize the “Right” One

When meeting with different surgeons, trust your gut. If your surgeon seems dishonest or lacks credentials, or if you just don't feel comfortable with him or her, keep looking. Part of trusting your instincts means that meeting a couple of “wrong” surgeons just may help you recognize the right one.