3 Signs You Could Be a Candidate for Breast Reduction

If you feel like your naturally large breasts are a little too generously sized, the thought of breast reduction may have crossed your mind on more than one occasion. Although there are a number of benefits associated with breast reduction, it’s not right for every woman. Here are three signs that can help you decide whether you could be a candidate.

1. Persistent Back, Neck or Shoulder Pain

Women with large breasts often suffer from ongoing back, neck or shoulder pain, although they may not realize that their breasts are the source of their discomfort. When overly large breasts become too heavy for the body to carry easily, the shoulders slump into poor posture to compensate, which in turn strains the spine and neck in all the wrong ways. If you’ve tried everything to get rid of that nagging upper back pain without success, breast reduction could be the answer.

2. Your Breasts Interfere with Normal Activities

If your breasts interfere with a physically active lifestyle to the extent that you’ve become reluctant to participate in sports or exercise, you may benefit from a breast reduction. Oftentimes, women find that breast reduction surgery allows them to comfortably engage again in athletic pursuits that they stopped enjoying long ago.

3. Physical or Emotional Discomfort

While the physical discomforts associated with large breasts are well-recognized, women can also suffer from intense emotional distress due to their breast appearance. For some, a voluptuous figure can result in feelings of self-consciousness, especially when wearing bathing suits or other revealing clothes. A breast reduction can help you feel less like you’re a magnet for unwanted attention, and let you go about your normal daily routine in peace.