3 Ways a Little Liposuction Makes a Big Impact

By Dr. Glenn M. Davis

If you lead a healthy, active lifestyle but struggle with stubborn fat deposits that just won’t budge, liposuction could make a big difference. Liposuction targets very specific areas, bringing your whole look into better proportion. Let’s look at three ways that a little liposuction can make major improvements to your self-image.

1. A More Defined Neck and Jawline

Even working on a small target spot, like a double chin, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can use liposuction to produce impressive results. Excess fat on the neck and jawline not only makes you look heavier, but can also add years to your appearance. With some well-placed lipo, you can look younger (and slimmer) with minimal downtime.

2. A Huge Weight off Your Chest

Whether incorporated as part of breast reduction in women or in male patients who suffer daily embarrassment because of excess fat in the chest, liposuction can help. The breasts (male and female) contain both fatty and glandular tissue. Lipo can target the fatty areas of the breast and male chest, and may provide enough reduction to help ease physical and emotional discomfort without further surgery.

3. A Finishing Touch for Major Weight Loss

Despite doing all the hard work to lose weight and get healthy, localized fat deposits can obscure your final contours. Whether through the lower abdomen, underside of the arms, or those love handles around the waist, a little liposuction goes a long way to complete the transformation for which you’ve worked so diligently. By focusing on specific areas, this popular plastic surgery can help my patients put the finishing touch on a huge lifestyle change.