3 Ways Breast Implants Give Your Post-Pregnancy Body a Boost

By Dr. Glenn M. Davis

Many women are left feeling disillusioned by the permanent physical changes brought on by motherhood. The effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding are particularly noticeable in women's breasts, which are often left looking deflated or diminished compared to their pre-baby shape. Fortunately, many of these problems can be corrected with breast implants. Here are three ways breast augmentation can give your post-baby body a beautiful boost.

1. Improving "Deflated" Look

It is not uncommon for women to notice a significant change in breast size following pregnancy. Or, even if the bra size remains the same, the shape and profile of the breasts may look flatter. Breast implants are an excellent solution for restoring fullness to a mother's breasts. Be sure to wait at least 3 months after weaning your last child so that your breasts can reach a stable size and volume before surgery.

2. Restoring Youthful Curves

Pregnancy wreaks havoc on the fatty tissues and glands that comprise women's breasts. These changes can leave the breasts looking older, as the breasts often lose that high, firm look that’s typical in younger, childless women. Following pregnancy, a breast augmentation can help a woman get back the youthful curves of her pre-baby body...and perhaps even look better than before!

3. Correcting Droopiness

Even women who do not breastfeed may notice significant ptosis (sagging) in their post-pregnancy breasts. Along with a loss in fullness, many women experience a loss in perkiness and noticeable droop. If your breasts display significant sagging, particularly if your nipple falls below the inframammary crease, a breast lift combined with breast implants can restore a fuller, lifted appearance to your figure.