3D Imaging for a Better Breast Augmentation

Gauging the best implant option before surgery is one of the biggest challenges in breast augmentation. Our patients tend to think of breasts in terms of cup size, while implants are measured by volume. This can create a gap in expectations between patient and surgeon when it comes to discussing results.

While patients can try on sizers under their clothing to get an idea of how different implants volumes will look, 3D imaging offers a much more accurate approach for both patient and surgeon.

Real-Time Results

Using sizers allows patients to get a feel for how their figure will look with implants. Yet, sizers alone can’t compensate for the number of different factors involved in breast augmentation. For example, implants will have a different end result depending on whether subglandular or submuscular placement is chosen, while sizers are static.

With a 3D imaging system, surgical placement is one of many factors that can be accounted for during image rendering. Although the before and after images are simulated, they are modeled on actual digital photos of the patient. This allows for any necessary adjustments due to asymmetry or other individual patient qualities to ensure even, natural-looking results.

The images can be viewed from multiple directions, opening up a more visual dialogue between surgeon and patient. Unlike using sizers, adjusting virtual implant size up or down is immediate, and allows views from every possible angle.

One of the primary reasons why women end up choosing breast surgery revision is because they have second thoughts about the implant size they originally selected. With 3D imaging, we've found that our patient satisfaction with augmentation procedures is dramatically increased.