Vectra 3D Imaging

We hear the same concern day after day concerning breast augmentation. "What will I look like?" 

It's easy to hold up a picture and say this woman has a similar body shape so "you will be about this size"or "look similar to this" , but it is a completely different experience to see YOURSELF with bigger breasts.  

And that is exactly what we can do now with the new Vectra 3D imaging system! Dr. Davis will use the Vectra 3D camera to capture a three-dimensional photograph of you. Using six different cameras, it  takes a number of pictures simultaneously from three different points of view. 

These images are combined to create a 3D virtual model of your body that can turn side to side, laying down and even with translucent overlays.  

This takes away the guess work and allows both you and Dr. Davis to agree on the expected outcome.  This machine puts an end to the guess work of "What will I look like?" and allows you to actually see it before it happens!

Want to get a better understanding? Give it a try with a model body. It's pretty amazing.