A Plastic Surgeon Gets CoolSculpting®

Dr. Pyle getting CoolSculpting

Dr. Pyle getting CoolSculpting

By Dr. Jeremy Pyle

The reason I’m writing this in a public forum has a lot to do with how my story started. Guys like me just don’t think of a doctor’s office as a place to get more comfortable. Doctor’s offices produce discomfort. But here’s the thing about men: we have the ability to simultaneously not care what we look like and care a lot. When I finally sat down in the chair to do CoolSculpting® it wasn’t a need. I wasn’t uncomfortable in my clothes, I wasn’t uncomfortable out of my clothes. But when my attention was brought, one way or another, to the fact that I had some fat around my abdomen that I wasn’t fond of, it bothered me. I have known for some time that I was a good candidate for CoolSculpting® so when a break in my schedule coincided with the room being available, I finally sat down to have the treatment.

The decision of when to do the treatment was a lot harder than deciding to do it. I knew I would benefit from it, and it’s not a terrible experience, but I knew that I had three areas (lower abdomen and each love handle) that would benefit. When we only had two machines, treating three areas meant doubling the time of one treatment, from just over an hour to almost 3. I don’t get a lot of 3 hour breaks so I just never got around to doing it. When we got our third and fourth machines in September that meant that the whole process would take only a little more than an hour. The decision was easy then and I got on the schedule.

I first met with Louise, our CoolSculpting® Expert Technician. We talked about what was needed, made a plan, took some before pictures and got to work. For Coolsculpting® that means I sat in a chair and worked. Louise got me a Diet Coke, hooked up the machines, and 3 minutes later I was on my laptop. I avoided the temptation to watch Netflix or TV and spent an hour on staff development plans. Louise returned in time to remove the machines one at a time. They don’t hurt going on, and they don’t hurt coming off, but there’s a bit of pain as the tissues rewarm. It’s temporary. Five minutes later, I felt normal. I had some mild bruising and swelling that night and for about 5 days afterwards. I’m about four weeks out now and the results are shaping up. I know that it will take about 12 weeks for the results to be final. I’m not certain whether I’ll do another treatment then - I’m going to wait to see how things settle out.

With the advent of technologies like CoolSculpting®, the view that men take towards personal betterment is changing. Young men care more, middle aged people care more, and those who look around the boardroom and feel like the old guy are being forced to re-evaluate their perspective on the things that used to seem obviously off limits. The medical world has responded to these pressures by improving how men improve themselves. Busy professionals can lead their life without taking a break but while getting more comfortable in their own skin. I love my profession and my job and I work 16 hours a day. If I can do it, anyone can. And here’s the thing: there’s about a zero percent chance that my life is made worse with Coolsculpting® and an 80+% chance that it is made better. And in evaluating the opportunity cost in those terms, it just made sense.