Andrea's Experience with Cellfina


Meet Andrea!  This 28-year old mother of two was active and healthy, but wasn't thrilled with the uneven skin texture on her thighs. Her shape had been improved by liposuction, but dimpling in the skin remained and she felt self conscious in shorts and bathing suits. After a friend had a Cellfina treatment, she sought out expert advice.

When did you first start thinking about seeking treatment for cellulite?

I'd tried creams and scrubs in the past but I never saw any significant improvement. I started hearing about Cellfina last year while I was pregnant (and of course wasn’t able to have the procedure.)

While I waited, I was able to research the treatment, clinical studies and results in more depth and starting seeing great before and after photos!

Seeing the results from a friend who'd had treatment only 2 weeks prior ultimately made the decision for me! And it was almost winter, which I learned was the best time to get Cellfina since your thighs get a little bruised.

After your consultation, how did you feel?

After being told I was a good candidate for Cellfina (phew!) I was really ready to go ahead and have it done right away!

I was a little nervous of the actual procedure but knew I was in very good hands. I had high hopes that this would help the appearance of my thighs and overall help my self-esteem considering I'd recently had my second child and was still actively trying to lose the baby weight.

Right before treatment, the surgeon circled all the dimples that bothered me the most - so he didn't miss any. This was tough because I didn't realize how many spots I had, but I was excited for all of those areas to be nice and smooth.

What surprised you about the process?

During the consultation, Dr. Wood prepared me for what to expect afterwards. I guess I didn't really absorb it all because I still wasn’t really mentally prepared for the amount of drainage and bruising I was going to have!

It looked much worse then it felt though. The draining was basically finished within 24 hours and the bruises were 95% gone within 10 days. This is not a procedure I personally would want to do in the summer if I had lots of outdoor plans.


What tips or tricks did you find helpful during recovery?

I am glad I was warned I would leak from the little incision areas! The nurse made sure I had maxi-pad type gauze over each area. It was numb for the first few hours afterwards but by the next day I was definitely tender. I learned very quickly to sit down slowly and gently for a few days!

How do your results make you feel?

I had liposuction 3 years ago on my hips and thighs and was very happy with the results. However, liposuction did nothing for my cellulite. I loved my new shape but still wanted a smoother appearance. I am beyond happy with the outcome I got from just one treatment with Cellfina.

When I go to the pool with my kids, I no longer spend time thinking about covering up my bottom half or quickly wrapping a towel around my waist! Summer went from being a season I dreaded to one I can (finally) fully enjoy.

This was a much more simple and easy procedure then liposuction was and I would highly recommend it to anyone who's ever been bothered by cellulite! :)