Aquisha's Mommy Makeover Story


Meet Aquisha!  This yoga-loving 27-year old mother of two was ready to see her hard work paying off so she sought out Dr. Glenn Davis for advice.  Here is her Mommy Makeover story.

When did you first start thinking about surgery?  I started to think about surgery after I had worked out diligently for TWO YEARS faithfully after having my second child. My breasts really lost all of their fullness and my chest looked like I grew raisins! At that point I really wanted a better looking and more youthful bosom.  I was happy with my weight but hated the shape of my waist and the loose skin and muscles I was left with after pregnancy.  I started researching plastic surgery and my best friend raved about her plastic surgeon's office; Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery in Raleigh.

After your consultation, how did you feel?  OMG! I was so excited after my appointment I wanted to get the surgery done that day! Dr. Davis was so confident and so informative about the procedure and I just knew that I had found the right surgeon. The experience at Davis & Pyle was amazing. I scheduled my breast lift, implants and full tummy tuck surgery with Jessica and started counting down the weeks!


What was the day of your surgery like?  It was the most laid back, cozy, and safe environment upon arriving. The nurses, the anesthesiologist, and the surgeon were all waiting for me! When I laid down on the operating table the bed was super warm like those massage beds, I was given instructions to breathe regularly and count backwards from 10…next thing I knew I woke up wrapped up under a blanket. It went by so fast I had to look down to make sure I had my Mommy Makeover actually done!

I went home that day with loads of support from Dr. Davis, Jessica and all of the staff. I knew once again I had made the right decision. So much that three friends of mine went to have their breast augmentation done by Dr. Davis! I love sharing my positive experience, because there are so many options out there for cosmetic surgery I wanted my friends to have the best like I did.


What tips or tricks did you find helpful during recovery?  The best tip I have is to follow the doctors orders to the T! He has written out a detailed easy to read instruction form of how to take care of yourself post-op. I recommend having all of your prescriptions in arms reach before you head to surgery so when you come home its right there.

Most importantly - ask for help when you need it! You have no idea how much you will save yourself by doing so! I would recommend having at least one helper around you 24/7 for at least the first 4-5 days so you can truly rest and soak up the healing process. I had three helpers during this time because I have two small children, and I allowed my helpers to do everything for me and them! It is okay to ask for help, I cannot stress that enough!


What is your favorite new item to wear/place to shop?   By far I love wearing bikinis and tops with NO BRA! Ladies, lets be honest, when we come home for the day the first item that comes off is the bra, even before the shirt! And the fact that I have beautiful perky boobs now means bras are optional and I usually OPT OUT of wearing one!

Sundresses, maxi dresses, and strapless gowns really give me so much more confidence because I never have to stress about finding the right bra to wear with it! Talk about freedom and happiness! The plastic surgery I received from Dr. Davis has really changed my life and improved my career tremendously.