Are Female Athletes "Sidelined" from Getting Breast Implants?

By Dr. Jeremy Pyle

Beyond aesthetic concerns about breast augmentation results, more athletic women often have special lifestyle considerations that may impact the size, type and placement of their breast implants, such as concerns over impact on their performance. This is only fueled by stories in the media about prominent female athletes opting for breast reduction as a way to up their game.

Rest assured that as long as you work with your plastic surgeon to factor in your active lifestyle with your aesthetic goals, breast augmentation can enhance your figure without necessarily limiting your athletic performance.

Implant Size and Placement

Size is one of the primary concerns when it comes to choosing the best implant for an active lifestyle. Very nice results can be seen from implants of a modest size, especially in a woman who has slimmer, more athletic build.

Beyond size, implant placement may be an especially important factor in how athletic women respond to breast implants. In most cases, subpectoral (under the muscle) placement is ideal for decreasing risk of rippling and creating the most natural look. However, for some athletes, especially those who engage in strenuous weightlifting activity, subglandular placement in front of the pectoral muscle may be best.

Special Considerations

For my most active patients, lifestyle factors are as important as anatomical considerations. Gorgeous augmentation outcomes are possible for runners, lifters and all manner of other athletes. To get the perfect result, work closely with your surgeon to choose an implant size, shape and placement that will work with your active lifestyle instead of against it.