How to Pick the Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Picking the best breast augmentation surgeon is the single most important step in planning your new stage of life with breast implants. Since your surgeon determines your final results more so than any other factor, including breast implant size or type, it’s essential to know how to go about finding the perfect surgeon for you.

Schedule Multiple Consultations

Most women are well aware that their first meeting with their breast augmentation surgeon won’t be in the OR, but rather, at their initial consultation. However, it’s highly recommended that you schedule multiple consultations with different surgeons so that you can compare and contrast.

What's Your Surgeon’s Personality Like?

During your consultation, your ideal surgeon should make you feel comfortable. Regardless of how impressive a plastic surgeon's qualifications may be, if they don't make you feel relaxed and open to having a conversation about your goals, you may need to simply say no. Having breast augmentation is a personal experience, so the right surgeon for you should be someone you can connect with and effectively communicate your ideal outcome.

Providing Outstanding Patient Care

Your surgeon isn’t the only person who creates your breast augmentation experience. The patient care coordinator, who typically operates the front desk, schedules appointments and helps to answer basic questions, is just as important. No one deserves to simply feel like a number at her doctor’s office. Instead, the entire staff should be friendly and enthusiastic, helping you feel comfortable and excited about your upcoming procedure.

By maintaining a focus on not only surgeon credentials, but also the overall experience of your breast augmentation journey, you can find the perfect practice that incorporates exactly the right balance of professionalism and personal connection to make for a comfortable and successful breast augmentation.