A Cellulite Treatment that Really Works

Cellulite has been a plague to beachgoers since the dawn of the two-piece bathing suit (which can be traced back to 4th century Roman gymnasts, btw). So many products have promised results along the way, but each of these failed. Most were obvious shams, as the root of the problem was never really addressed, while others did hold some promise only to fizzle out when results were evaluated. Today, Cellfina™ finally offers a winning solution for correcting cellulite at its source.

The History of Treating Cellulite

In the battle against cellulite, first there were creams and topical tools that, to anyone who really understood the problem causing cellulite, could only fail. Then came liposuction. First used in the late 70s, liposuction seemed like the perfect solution.

It would make sense that if you address the fat the way liposuction does, you would no doubt address the dimples between the fat, too. Attempts at treating cellulite with lipo, however, were disappointing and we quickly learned that cellulite sometimes gets worse and almost never gets better with liposuction. About 3 years ago, a treatment called Cellulaze™ got FDA approval for treatment of cellulite, but the results were poor and often temporary.

With the advent of Merz North America’s Cellfina™ treatment, however, we are seeing something that’s never been seen before. That is, a cellulite treatment that works, that lasts, and a treatment where 94 percent of women are happy with their results even 2 years later. Cellfina™ is the most exciting minimally invasive treatment for cellulite that we have ever seen.

What Makes Cellfina™ Different

Cellfina™ is the first treatment we believe in because it works at the root of the problem. Cellulite is caused not by fat, but by tethering bands of tissue that link the skin to the deeper structures. Cellfina™ works by cutting these bands in a very controlled manner directly beneath the skin with the use of a precise needle. There are no big incisions and downtime is minimal. Treatments are done while you are awake, take 30-45 minutes, and require only local anesthetic.

The FDA approval studies show results are consistent even 2 years after treatment and patient satisfaction of 94 percent is exceptional. Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery is excited to be the first plastic surgery office in the triangle and only the second in the state to offer this groundbreaking technology.

Like any treatment, the most important step in determining whether or not you are a good candidate is setting up a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who can discuss this and other options with you.