Considerations in Breast Implants

By: Dr. Jeremy Pyle

Patients trust their plastic surgeons to make the right choice when it comes to implant size, type and placement, so it’s imperative for us as surgeons to consider a multitude of factors during cosmetic breast augmentation. What are some ways that you can ensure beautiful, natural results?

Proportionate Size

Only after years of experience and great attention to detail can a plastic surgeon gauge the best breast implant size for women. While adding volume is always a goal of breast augmentation, the results will look more flattering if they are proportionate to the patient’s overall frame. Simply slipping implants into a bra over the skin is not enough for an accurate picture of final product, due to the shape and volume adjustments that occur after placement under skin, tissue and muscle. Incorporating 3D technology adds a more reliable representation of what to expect after surgery, and also offers the patient a visual representation that is more anatomically correct than other methods like DIY sizers.

Existing Breast Measurements

Many aesthetic complications of breast augmentation may be avoided by taking the time for precise, accurate measurements prior to surgery. For example, women with a wider chest need implants with a wider base; those with smaller measurements would not do well with the same diameter implant.

As in all aspects of cosmetic procedures, the focus needs to be maintained on enhancing natural assets rather than wiping the slate clean and creating a new look from scratch. By taking a customized approach toward breast augmentation and putting in the extra time before surgery to establish a solid strategy for enhancement, surgeons are better positioned for crafting optimal results.