Consultations with a Cause


Six weeks ago, Hurricane Harvey ravaged the 4th largest city in America and the entirety of Southeast Texas. Anyone who has lived through such a disaster knows too well that there will be years worth of work to do and months worth of recovering to normalcy. So two weeks after the hurricane, we searched as an organization for how we could help. Robbie, our COO extraordinaire, came up with a plan. He realized that when something like Harvey, or any of the other disasters of late occur, we all want to help but we don't really know how. He guessed that the many people out there who follow us on social media, or interact with us in person, might also be in the same boat. And that was where our Consultations with a Cause campaign was born.

It provided us an opportunity to do what we love, by meeting more of you, while providing you the opportunity to contribute to a community in need. I am tremendously proud to report that our doctors saw almost 100 consults in the last two weeks of September as a part of this plan. That's almost 100 hours of your time learning about the things we love to do. You, the wonderful community that interacts with our practice, helped us raise $12,000 dollars for the Greater Houston Community Foundation through that very campaign.

The above photo is taken with Jedidiah Gant. Jedidiah provides special value to businesses like ours by taking the challenges out of charity. As before, we worked with Jedidiah and the Raleigh + Relief Campaign to make certain that the money you all donated will find a good home.

Thank you,

Jeremy Pyle