CoolSculpting addresses the Muffin Tops' evil cousin - the Bra Bulge

What's a Bra Bulge, you ask? The Bra Bulge is an increasingly frustrating patient concern that occurs when excess fat on the back is visible in the form of a "roll" when wearing a bra and shirt. The condition is amplified by ill-fitting bras, that actually make the presence of the excess fat uncomfortable (and even downright painful) due to chafing and rubbing that may occur. "From stubborn muffin tops to thigh bulges to back fat, CoolSculpting is able to significantly reduce the appearance of stubborn fat," Dr. Davis said.

The FDA-cleared CoolSculpting procedure gently cools away unwanted fat cells thereby inducing a natural, controlled elimination of fat cells. Stubborn fat cells are permanently destroyed and subsequently eliminated through the body's natural metabolization process. This particular procedure shows significant improvement and precise contours in the treatment of stomach and back fat that can embarrassingly roll over bras and bathing suits.

This exciting new procedure is based upon research performed at Harvard Medical School that shows that fat cells are more susceptible to cold and are selectively, painlessly, and permanently destroyed when treated with the CoolSculpting technology . Starting several weeks after the procedure, cooled fat cells begin to shrink and disappear, and the body naturally and gradually eliminates the cooled fat cells, reducing the thickness of the fat layer - leaving you slimmer and sexier than ever before.

CoolSculpting involves no needles, surgery, or downtime. During the procedure, a non-invasive applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling to the treatment areas specifically targeting fat. Treatments last one to two hours, and patients can watch TV, listen to music, or work on their laptop. Patients will start to see results as soon as three weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results occurring over a period of two to four months in most patients.