CoolSculpting yesterday on Dr. Oz

Dr Oz Skinny Shirt

In this segment, Dr Oz spoke about back fat solutions like CoolSculpting, the SkinnyShirt, and Flexees Fat Free Dressing Tanks.  He brought up audience member, Shara, who was brave enough to wear a sports bra on stage. (What a trooper!)  Shara stated that she has always had back fat but has noticed it more in the past couple of years.  Dr Oz took Shara to a mirror and had her look at her back fat and describe what she saw.  (Seriously, what a trooper!)  Shara said she hated the way her back fat looked and has tried working out and eating better but nothing has worked. Back fat – Why It Happens:  Doctor Oz showed an image and explained how back fat occurs.  According to Dr Oz, the back is made up of interweaving muscles that have gaps in them where fat accumulates.  As you get older, the fat sags out.  Then, when you put on an ill-fitting bra, it only accentuates the problem.

Dr Oz's High Tech Solution:

Cool Sculpting: Haideh Hirmand, MD and Plastic Surgeon, stated that cool sculpting was doing just that—sculpting the fat.  It literally freezes the fat cells.  Dr. Hirmand gave Shara a treatment.  For the treatment, you do not need anesthesia and there was no down time or scarring.  Dr. Hirmand applied a gel sheet to the specific location on Shara’s back.  Dr. Hirmand then used a weird looking contraption to suck out the fat, which sucked first then cooled.  (Dr Oz likened the process to putting a stick of butter in the fridge.) Shara said the process was comfortable.  The surgeon stated that the area would get numb in a few minutes and that the process takes an hour.  Only 1-2 treatments were needed and the cost is approximately $750 per area.  Dr. Hirmand also said that the process works particularly well in conjunction with exercise and better eating habits and that it takes 2-3 months in order to see results.

Dr Oz showed the before and after pictures of a patient after 1 treatment and you could actually see the difference.