Could a Mammogram Pop Your Breast Implant?

Yearly mammograms are recommended for women over 40 as part of early detection for breast cancer. Certainly this guideline shouldn't be ignored by women who have had breast augmentation, but can the test itself affect the integrity of your implants?

How Mammograms Work

Mammograms are like an X-ray that looks only at breast tissue. However, because these lower-dose X-rays don't pass through tissue very easily, the machine is designed with two plates that slowly compress the breast in order to take a clearer image.

Effective Mammograms with Breast Implants

Recently, a woman claimed that her routine mammogram popped her breast implant, and is now suing the facility for damages. She feels the pressure exerted by the machine on her implants caused one to rupture. Although the fact that her implant deflated can't be argued against, experts agree that this is far from a likely or regular occurrence.

If you do have breast implants, be sure to let your imaging technician know ahead of time. And if possible, you may also want to visit a facility that frequently sees women with augmented breasts for the most accurate outcome. The possibility of a mammogram affecting your implant is exceedingly rare, so don't neglect your annual screenings out of fear of a fluke accident.