Do Shows Like “Botched” Give Plastic Surgeons a Bad Name?

By Dr. Glenn Davis

A popular new reality show called “Botched” explores the journey of patients who've had bad cosmetic procedures as they get revision surgery to finally get the look the were originally hoping for. The show is set in glamorous Beverly Hills with two high-profile plastic surgeons at the helm and has featured patients with horrifically uneven breast implants, bad nose jobs and everything in between. Given that the world of plastic surgery prides itself on high standards of excellence, are these types of shows giving the profession a bad name?

TV Is for Entertainment

Statistics show that the occurrence of bad cosmetic procedures is very rare, and the overwhelming majority of procedures are performed safely and produce results that are more than satisfactory to the patients. Unfortunately, less than ideal results do occasionally happen, and networks like E! have realized that the novelty and drama that accompanies these cases translates to great ratings.

Choose Your Surgeon Wisely

Whether your area of concern is a crooked nose, small breasts or a saggy stomach, you shouldn’t let a biased reality show skew your perspective on the potential benefits of cosmetic surgery. In order to ensure your safety and to get quality results, focus on choosing the right surgeon first.

Picking a board certified plastic surgeon who's experienced in the type of procedure you want to have is the best way to get the most positive results possible. And remember when you watch these types of “reality” shows that they're showcasing a small minority of plastic surgery patients for entertainment value, not because they’re actual reality.