Do Your Breasts Feel Out of Balance? Here’s 3 Ways Implants Can Help

By Dr. Jeremy Pyle

Whether you’re concerned that one breast looks bigger than the other, or your figure in general doesn’t feel quite balanced out, you’re not alone. There are three ways breast implants—and an excellent breast augmentation surgeon—can help bring your body back on track with your appearance goals.

1. Improving Symmetry between Breasts

Although no woman has perfectly symmetrical breasts, some women may notice a difference between sides of a cup size or more. This makes bra shopping difficult, and self-consciousness over breast asymmetry can end up leading to low self-esteem. To improve breast symmetry with implants, women can choose a small implant in just one breast, or implants of different sizes for an overall boost that still improves symmetry. Sometimes a reduction on the larger breast can help as well.

2. Less Pear, More Hourglass

Women who have plenty of curves below the waist but feel somewhat lacking in the chest are known as having a “pear” body shape. With the right implants, that pear can be transformed to an hourglass for equally generous curves above and below the waist that will surely turn heads.

3. Better Proportions

Sometimes the problem isn’t having small breasts per se, it’s feeling like your body simply doesn’t look proportionate. An A cup on a woman who’s 5’10” and has an athletic build looks much different than an A cup on a petite 5’0” woman who’s tiny all over. Breast implants can create a look that better suits your frame for a more balanced, beautifully proportioned figure.