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Beauty for Life
Greetings from Beauty for Life™, your partner in staying healthy and looking beautiful at any age.

We're all hard at work trying to fulfill our resolutions, and it's a safe bet that some of yours include a focus on improving your diet or appearance.You may be considering having Botox™ injections or laser hair removal—moderately invasive cosmetic procedures that can go a long way toward enhancing our looks. But remember: These are medical procedures and are not without risk. They should be performed by a Board-certified plastic surgeon in sterile and approved facilities.

Yet some recent headlines are touting "Do it Yourself" Botox and "At Home" laser hair removal products. We want to be sure you're aware of some of the dangers in using these products before you consider giving them a try.

Do it yourself projects can be a great way to save money and learn new skills—if you're remodeling your home, doing a craft project or working on your car. When it comes to cosmetic medical procedures, save yourself the increased trouble, risks and potential complications by having them performed by qualified medical professionals.