Hollywood, Plastic Surgery and Looking Too Fake

I don’t think anyone has ever looked to Hollywood as an example of realism when it comes to physical appearance, but lately there’s been some backlash in Tinsel Town against film stars taking surgical steps to enhance their appearance. Is this a sign that Hollywood has finally had it with plastic surgery?

A New Emphasis on Looking Natural

For popular period shows, especially those that frequently show nudity (like Game of Thrones), casting agents have started insisting on only using non-augmented actresses to ensure a more authentic look. Due to the widespread popularity of cosmetic surgery within the U.S. movie industry, this means casting calls are going out in places like Australia and Great Britain in an effort to find women with natural breasts and less BOTOX®.

Does this mean aspiring actresses should avoid getting breast implants or visiting med spas? Not necessarily. Although the stigma surrounding plastic surgery is lessening, the stigma against looking as if you’ve had work done remains in full force. With that in mind, simply think carefully before choosing your cosmetic surgeon.

As a plastic surgeon myself, I can safely say that the problem with Hollywood’s plastic surgery crisis isn’t that celebrities are going under the knife, but rather that so many starlets end up with results that look noticeably fake. An obviously altered appearance should never be the goal of any cosmetic procedure. When a breast augmentation or other cosmetic enhancement is performed well, the results should look so natural that they stand up to scrutiny even when viewed in HD.