Is a Breast Lift a Must for the Best Breast Augmentation Results?

While breast augmentation remains one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries, breast lifts are gaining popularity as well. Implants are frequently combined with a lift to deliver optimal breast enhancement results, but is a combination of the two always necessary for ensuring beautiful breasts?

The Benefits of Combining Procedures

The best candidates for implants combined with a breast lift are women with an already generous breast volume or who are experiencing some degree of ptosis, or sagging. With sagging often comes loose skin, enlarged areolas and off-center or downward-pointing nipples, all of which can be corrected by a breast lift. In addition, breast implants may help improve asymmetry, so women with existing unevenness between the breasts may from a combination procedure.

By combining a lift with breast implants, breast volume is increased without concerns over a corresponding increase in breast sagging. A breast lift also tightens the supportive tissues of the breasts, which may help ensure longer-lasting results. However, this extra support isn’t essential in women choosing smaller implants, or whose breasts already sit naturally higher on the torso.

Women with naturally small breasts are unlikely to experience a degree of sagging that requires a breast lift. In fact, a breast augmentation can sometimes correct mild degrees of sagging on its own, especially in women with less natural breast volume. When the end goal is for a perkier, uplifted breast profile, your existing anatomy is the primary determining factor in how your surgeon can achieve the best possible results.