Is the Latest Breast Implant Type Better?

The FDA recently approved NATRELLE® INSPIRA™ round, gel-filled, textured breast implants for use in breast augmentation in the U.S. The implants, available in Canada since 2011, are fuller than previous models of round implants currently in use. The new INSPIRA™ implants are designed for women who want to have more upper breast fullness. Round implants like the new INSPIRA™ model are the same shape in all directions, allowing gravity to pull the implant into a natural breast slope after placement while ensuring fullness through the upper chest (called the upper pole). Round implants can offer results ranging from very natural looking to more dramatic, depending on a number of factors. Most breast augmentation surgeries are performed using round implants.

An Improvement for Textured Implants

One question to ask your surgeon before breast augmentation is whether to choose smooth or textured implants. Smooth implants move about freely in the capsule that forms around them, while textured implants bind with breast tissue as if Velcroed into the breast pocket.

The new INSPIRA™ round gel-filled textured implants are designed to ensure a more secure implantation than previous textured implants on the market along with a more cohesive gel that lowers the potential for rippling.

For women undergoing breast reconstruction, augmentation or revision surgery, NATRELLE® INSPIRA™ round, textured implants are available in a variety of sizes, projections and widths. This range of options combined with the implants' enhanced fullness offer women highly customized, precise results when administered by a board certified plastic surgeon.