Just What Makes the IDEAL® Implant So Ideal?

One of the biggest questions every breast augmentation patient asks herself is whether to opt for saline or silicone implants. Either implant option can create beautiful results in the right candidate, and a quick look into saline or silicone will find staunch fans backing the advantages of either one. But what if you could have the best of both worlds?

A Saline-Silicone Hybrid

The idea of combining the best aspects of both saline and silicone implants is what provided the inspiration for the new IDEAL® implant. The IDEAL® implant is frequently referred to as a hybrid implant. Although it has the appearance of a standard saline implant on the outside, the IDEAL® implant contains a series of silicone implant shells nested together with saline solution filling each space between.

Curved Edges for a Better Fit

The IDEAL® implant is also designed with curved edges. Curved edges can contour better to the chest wall, providing a more natural fit than standard round saline implants by simulating the way natural breast tissue is shaped.

The IDEAL® Advantage

The IDEAL® implant offers another option for women interested in achieving  the best breast augmentation results. The greatest advantage of the IDEAL® implant comes from the nested shell design, which helps minimize bouncing while also reducing the chance of wrinkling.

In short, the IDEAL® implant addresses the three main concerns associated with saline: visible implant ripples, a too-round breast shape after augmentation, and a texture that doesn’t feel quite the same as natural breast tissue. For women who are committed to achieving a natural result with saline-filled implants, the IDEAL® implant can certainly live up to its name.