Laser Hair Removal Trend for Men

Men have come a long way since the days of showing up to work in a button-down that revealed an army of hair fighting its way past the nape of their necks -- haven't they? While most probably won't go the Brazilian route, you might be surprised (or not) to hear that men are taking it off -- their body hair, that is.

Is it weather-related? Is she hinting at it? Or, have you been curious about how you would look with less hair? Whatever the motivation, men have already arrived at this point. Between waxing, shaving, electrolysis, tweezing, trimming, and laser hair removal, men of all ages, sizes, sexual orientations, ethnic backgrounds, and professions are getting rid of excess body hair.

FDA-approved, laser treatment involves a laser beam basically killing the hair follicles. Results depend on your skin pigmentation and the color of your hair (dark hair absorbs the laser energy, making it easier to treat), so you will first need to find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure. The best results occur with men who have fair skin and black hair. Keep in mind that you cannot receive treatment if you are tanned, as a tan messes with your skin's pigmentation and can lead to blistering or permanent discoloration. This is why darker-skinned men might not make good candidates; thus, consult with a doctor or laser technician first.

Laser hair removal offers a long-lasting reduction in quality and quantity of hair and is the most effective method of hair removal to date.  Multiple sessions are necessary and are priced on the area you are interested in.

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