Liposuction vs. Fat Freezing

Body sculpting offers the ideal solution for problem areas that just don’t seem to respond to diet or exercise. With all the different choices available for fine-tuning your figure, how do you know which one is right for you? Here’s a look at the two most effective options: liposuction and cryolipolysis (fat freezing).


Long considered the gold standard of body sculpting, liposuction is a surgical procedure that permanently removes fat cells from the body. Our surgeons make a few incisions near the target area, just long enough to allow a cannula through. Next, they inject a sterile saline solution to saturate the area and help loosen the fat cells. This solution also contains a local anesthetic to ensure a comfortable procedure and recovery. Finally, they use gentle suction to remove the fat cells and any remaining saline and you’re left with a slimmer profile.


The CoolSculpting® technique for fat freezing is the most modern approach toward body sculpting. Like liposuction, this procedure also works by permanently removing fat cells. However, no incisions are required with cryolipolysis; it’s completely nonsurgical and noninvasive. During your treatment, the CoolSculpting® paddles are applied to the target area over the skin. The fat is cooled rapidly, which causes it to break down. Over time, the ruptured fat cells are naturally eliminated by the body. We are the first plastic surgery practice in the Raleigh area to offer DualSculpting™ - two CoolSculpting® machines to cut down on your treatment time.

What’s Right for You?

When it comes down to which option is right for you, there are pros and cons to every procedure. However, the real key in enjoying beautiful results lies in choosing a plastic surgeon who has the right combination of skills and experience to give you the look you deserve.