Minimizing scars

I get asked on a daily basis what to use to treat not only surgical scars, but older scars.  We have been hearing lots of amazing information on 2 treatments lately that we wanted to explore; IS Clinical Super Serum & Fraxel.  IS Super Serum is clinically proven to reduce hypertrophic scar tissue when used 2x daily. We have found it to be extremely beneficial when used on the face and provides the same repair when used on scars on the body.  This serum can be used beginning 4 weeks after your surgery. Then we started wondering how to boost those results with an in-office treatment for maximum results.  A monumental breakthrough came only recently when the FDA cleared Fraxel® Laser Treatment for scars. Studies showed that the new laser could be far more effective than traditional therapies at both removing damaged tissue and inducing the formation of new collagen. 

With all of this super scar fighting material on our hands - how could we not share?  The only thing we had been suggesting in the past was ScarGuard - with mixed results.  Davis Plastic Surgery is now happy to offer our patients an alternative for scar aftercare.  Our Scar Minimizing Packageincludes one bottle of IS Clinical Super Serum (retail $120) and 5 Fraxel treatments to your scar area for $300.  We suggest beginning this treatment 4 weeks after surgery to get best results.  We are also seeing results on older scars as well!

Follow us as we will be posting before & after pictures of scars shortly.