OK, does Latisse really work?

Not a week goes by that another skincare product isn't introduced claiming to make you look 18 again.  Or a laser that permanently removes every hair on your body - in one treatment (that's painless - ha!)  You can't blame us for being skeptics.  It was about 3 months ago that the FDA approved Latisseby Allergan (the makers of Botox) and created a buzz in our office.  Featured on the Today Show that week and caused our phones to ring off the hook.  But "does it really work?" patients wanted to know.  We had to try it to find out. Here is what our office discovered after 2 months of use:

1. It only works if you use it.  OK, you can miss a day here or there - but you will not see results if you do not use it consistently.

2.  You can get a lot longer out of the 1 month 'pack' than it says.  We easily got 2 months out of it (Bonus!)

3.  It really wasn't hard to use - it sounds like a pain but it was super easy.


Check out our patient care coordinator's pictures taken March 3, 2009 (after 1 week of using Latisse) and today (May14th) roughly 9 weeks of usage. 

I don't think there is any denying the effectiveness of this product.  Thank you, Allergan!

LATISSE is available in the United States through a physician's office only and is subject to all U.S. guidelines applicable to dispensing a prescription product.