Three Signs You Could Benefit from a Breast Lift

While getting breast implants is one of the most popular ways women choose to enhance their figures, not every woman gets the results she wants from breast augmentation alone. For some women, a breast lift often delivers a more youthful figure, without the need for implants. Here are three signs that you might benefit from a breast lift.

1. You Have Ptosis

Ptotic (sagging) breasts are one of the primary reasons that women may consider getting a breast lift. Although ptosis comes in varying degrees, the basic definition is that the breasts and nipples are oriented downward rather than forward. If your breasts look visibly droopy, you may benefit from a breast lift.

2. You’re Not Happy with Your Breast Shape or Placement

Women who are fine with the existing volume of their breasts but don’t like the shape or placement are the ideal candidates for a breast lift. This procedure reshapes the existing breast tissue for firmer, higher breasts that look perkier, resulting in a more pronounced profile. For this reason, breast lifts are also very common in women whose breasts have taken on a deflated look following pregnancy, nursing or weight loss. While the volume won’t change as the result of a lift, the aesthetics can definitely be improved.

3. You’re Getting Additional Breast Enhancements

It’s very common to include breast lift surgery as part of a breast augmentation or breast reduction for even better results. If your goal is really bring out the best in your body, definitely check with your surgeon about whether combining procedures might be the right option for you.