Why “Natural” Beauty is a Myth

To the outside observer, celebrities might seem ageless: blessed with the genetics and the good fortune of maintaining their natural youthfulness over time. Don’t be fooled, though—when it comes to the majority of “natural” celebrity beauty practices, there’s often very little that’s natural.

False Standards

While the effort that celebrities put into their public image remains their own personal business, these icons who act as role models have an inordinate amount of influence over their fans' behavior. People who already struggle with confidence issues may go to great lengths to achieve the same standards of beauty that seem to come so easily to their on-screen idols.

This creates a difficult situation, as many celebrities with preternaturally gorgeous appearances have had some type of cosmetic work done. This may be as minor as a little BOTOX®, but the end result still creates a look that may be impossible for others to replicate without turning to a plastic surgeon.

The Backlash of Cosmetic Surgery Stigma

Due to the social stigma surrounding cosmetic surgery, few celebrities own up to having had work done. Yet, ironically, the same society demands that celebrities maintain an impossibly perfect standard of attractiveness, which is exactly what leads to the need for plastic surgery in the first place.

While much of the beauty of celebrities may be artificial, there’s nothing inherently wrong with getting cosmetic surgery. And it's a testament to surgical skill that so many members of the general public have no idea that their favorite celebs have undergone any type of cosmetic enhancement. The best plastic surgery results should look natural and genuine. And, while the final outcome may have been achieved with some outside help, the inner boost to self-confidence is as natural as it gets.