Why You Should Avoid “Copycat” Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery offers men and women alike a chance to alter their appearance for the better. The advancements in cosmetic surgery now make procedures safer and more reliable than ever, while social media has led to a rise in the popularity of cosmetic surgery overall. However, does this mean that surgery can make you look like your favorite celebrity? Or perhaps more importantly, should you even want to?

Copycat Cosmetic Surgery

The term “copycat” cosmetic surgery refers to procedures with the intention of making the patient look like a particular person, most frequently, a celebrity. Famous figures with iconic features, such as Beyoncé’s backside, Kate Upton’s breasts, or Jessica Alba’s nose, often lead patients to ask for the same look, believing that the feature in question will appear similarly attractive on their own body.

The problem with the trend surrounding copycat cosmetic surgeries is that many patients underestimate the value of the big picture over individual features. A nose that looks great on one person may not have the same effect on a different face with different features to balance with. Similarly, that curvaceous bottom that looks great on Beyoncé may appear disproportionate on someone else’s body.

Bringing Out the Best in You

Copycat surgery is simply the wrong way to think about cosmetic enhancement. Getting cosmetic surgery should be about bringing out the best in you rather than emulating someone else’s appearance.

Many plastic surgery patients report that cosmetic enhancement has helped them feel more like themselves by accentuating their good features and improving issues that were previously an area of concern. Cosmetic surgery should be viewed as a chance for personal improvement, not a tool for complete transformation into someone else.