What is a Breast & Body Orientation?

During this fun (and free!) 90-minute experience, you’ll learn all the basics about the breast or body procedure that you’re considering.


Learn About All the Most Important Details


Get Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions


Meet Our Team & Get a Tour of Our Offices

(hosted at our offices • Mondays at 10am & Thursdays at 11am)


Meet Your Hosts

Gretta Nance & Jenny Eden have walked countless women through their surgery journey, and they promise to make it fun—not weird!


(Obviously they are 7’s on the Enneagram.)


Reason #1

All of our orientations are hosted in women-only environments. #noboysallowed


Reason #2

This is a safe space to ask all your questions and decide if a private consultation is right for you.


Reason #3

There is no surgeon exam during the orientation, so you get to keep all your clothes on!


Reason #4

You won’t find an inclusive learning environment like this at any other practice.


Reason #5

Getting in for a consult can take a couple weeks. But orientations are hosted twice a week!


Reason #6

At the very least, you’ll get to connect with other really kind women who “get it.”


(hosted Mondays at 10am & Thursdays at 11am)


Frequently Asked Questions

How much?
Totally free! (and there’s a coffee bar 🥳)

When & where?
Every Monday at 10am and Thursday at 11am at our offices in Raleigh, North Carolina at 2304 Wesvill Court.

What’s covered?
All the basics of breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tucks, liposuction, mommy makeovers, female rejuvenation, financing, and next steps.

Onsite childcare is provided by a CPR-certified nanny.

What if I just want to book a consultation?
You should still attend! Not only do patients who attend our orientations report a much better consultation experience, you’ll save $100 on your consultation!



Questions About the Orientation?

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