Breast Implant Exchange

You wouldn’t be alone if, at some point after a breast augmentation procedure, you weren’t totally satisfied with the look of your breasts. 

At Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery, we specialize in procedures to address aspects women are unhappy with following changes to the breasts after, for example, completing their family.

A breast implant exchange procedure focuses on improving the look and feel of the breast with new implants.

Many women choose to consult with us at Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery to change the size and/or shape of their breasts following a prior breast augmentation procedure. Their goal is to restore the breasts to a more youthful appearance in fullness and shape.

What to Expect

Your first step will be to meet with one of our surgeons (Dr. Wood specializes in implant exchange). Together, you will discuss why you are considering a breast implant exchange and what you hope to look and feel like after surgery. Our surgeons are know for putting patients at ease and understand the reasons why women seek to change their breast implants.

Depending on why you’re choosing to exchange your implants, you may also consider additional surgical changes to the breast (like a breast lift) at the time of implant exchange. Your exact requirements will be discussed with you during your consultation.

If you decide to move forward with a breast implant exchange procedure at Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery, can count on our team to guide you in the selection of the best implants and use of the latest techniques to achieve the look you desire. 

During surgery, existing implants are removed and replaced with new implants to meet the breast aesthetic goals of the patient. 

After Your Procedure

Recovery from breast implant exchange surgery is similar to a primary augmentation. When you are sent home to begin your recovery process, you will be encouraged to engage in light activity. Otherwise, take a break from your usual activities.

Following surgery, you can expect some discomfort and soreness at first. A support garment will be worn initially to provide comfort, help reduce swelling and facilitate healing.

Typically, women who have a breast implant exchange can return to work or school after just a few days, and are fully healed in one to two months. However, patient experiences vary.

The New You

Changes to the breasts following weight loss, weight gain, or childbirth can leave women who have undergone a primary breast augmentation dissatisfied with the look and feel of their implants.

Imagine feeling happy again with your breast shape, size, and feel. Women choosing Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery for a breast implant exchange say the procedure restores both the appearance of their breasts and their confidence in their body.

Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery in Raleigh welcomes local patients as well as those from all over North Carolina, including Durham, Chapel Hill, Fayetteville, Wake Forest, Cary, Apex, and Wilson. For more information about your breast implant exchange options, please don’t hesitate to request a consultation, or call us today at 919-785-1220.