90% of women have cellulite.

100% of them have a choice. Cellfina treats cellulite at its structural cause, which guarantees results. The 3 best parts about Cellfina are:


Procedure takes less than an hour


minimally invasive, minimal downtime


guaranteed results (seriouslY!)


Are you a candidate for Cellfina?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate to experience Cellfina. To find out if you might be, answer just a few short questions.


A Note from Chelsea

“As someone who helps women daily on their aesthetic journeys, being unable to help them get rid of cellulite was beyond frustrating (for them, and me!).

Not only did none of the lotions, scrubs or creams on the market actually eliminate their cellulite, all of them wasted time & money. After some serious research we decided to bring Cellfina to Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery. Spoiler alert: It actually worked! 

I was so impressed their results, and so happy to finally have a solution that truly works. I knew I just had to help other women experience Cellfina!”



How Much Does Cellfina Cost?

To get an idea of what your procedure would cost, click the button below to receive our pricing guide!


Your Personalized Consultation

Every aspect of our zero-pressure consultation has been designed to help you decide if Cellfina will help you achieve your goals.


a free zero-pressure consultation


one-on-one time with a certified provider


a PERSONALIZED PLAN WITH detailed pricing


Common Questions:

Will any part of the procedure hurt?

Most patients say the only discomfort they felt was the initial numbing, which is very brief.

how soon will i see results?

Each patient is unique! Some see results at 2 weeks and some won’t notice their results until a few months after their procedure.

will my cellulite come back?

Nope, and we are so confident you’ll love your results that if you’re not happy one year after your procedure you can be treated again, totally free.


Finance Options

We have worked really hard as a team to ensure you have access to several different payment options.