Earlobe Repair

wear any earrings you want

Earlobe repair is a simple procedure to repair stretched or torn earlobes.

Unlike temporary fixes (products like Levears, Lobe Wonder, or earring lifts), this procedure will permanently repair your earlobes- allowing you to wear any earring you want!

Performed in the office by one of our surgeons, the 45 minute procedure involves removing a small notch in the earlobe, then meticulously stitching it back together- essentially "un-doing" the damage to your stretched earlobe.

After 1 week your stitches are removed, and at 6 weeks (if you'd like) we will re-pierce your ears for you.



Before & Afters

Real Davis & Pyle Patients

Earlobes stretched from heavy earrings

Earlobes stretched from heavy earrings

Earlobes stretched from gauging

Earlobes stretched from gauging



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