What is Female Rejuvenation?

Female Rejuvenation dramatically improves the health and happiness of your vagina. It also relieves vaginal discomforts!


reducing vaginal skin that causes pain during physical activity


lubrication and pleasure during sex


no more peeing when you cough, laugh,
or sneeze


Watch Jess’ Story

See how Female Rejuvenation changed her everyday life and even the intimacy level within her marriage!



Who Performs the Procedure?

Dr. Michelle Roughton is a mom of 3 and a board-certified plastic surgeon. She specializes in female rejuvenation and “making it not weird.”

I can’t believe how comfortable Dr. Roughton made this procedure. It wasn’t the least bit awkward, and I’m so glad I finally did it!!
— Louise F.


Internal vs. External

In your consultation with Dr. Roughton, you will discuss the internal and external benefits of vaginal rejuvenation. Here’s a sneak peek…



  • Increased natural lubrication and pleasure during sex

  • No more “pee when you sneeze”

  • Stronger, tighter vagina


  • Reduced outer vaginal skin

  • Eliminate pain during physical activities like sex or riding a bike

  • No more yoga pants “camel toe”



How Much Does Female Rejuvenation Cost?

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Your Personalized Consultation

Our zero-pressure consultation has been designed to help you decide if Female Rejuvenation is the right choice for you.


Q&A with your patient care coordinator

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one-on-one time with your plastic surgeon


a PERSONALIZED PLAN WITH detailed pricing


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