Book Next Treatment

So the patient’s treatment is over, and it’s time to start wrapping the appointment up. That’s where our next milestone happens!

In the past, we relied on our Front of House team to schedule all follow-up appointments and next treatments. But then something really cool happened… we started measuring things.

One day we decided to start measuring what percentage of MedSpa patients booked their next appointment when the responsibility was on the Front of House team. The data came back around 30%. Said differently, 7 out of 10 patients were leaving our practice with no commitment of ever coming back in. Yikes!!

Now to be clear, we didn’t attribute this low conversion rate to a lack of skillset at the Front of House. Instead, we had a hypothesis that the Front of House team simply didn’t carry enough medical authority for the patients to feel comfortable booking with them.

So, in an effort to get patients to make stronger commitments, we pivoted the responsibility to the providers. And check this out…

In every single case, over 70% of patients booked their next treatment!

A change like that not only saves the practice a tremendous of money in advertising and team member hours, but it helps ensure our patients are getting the frequency of treatment necessary to achieve their personal goals.

Talk about a win-win!

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