What To Do If...

What to do if the server goes down:

The guest network is separate from the secured network that most of our devices run on. If the server goes down, you can connect to the guest network.
Name: DavisPyleGuest
Password: Welcome!


What to do if the internet goes out in the building:

You can turn your iphone into a hotspot (we will reimburse for data costs!) and connect to internet that way! Go to settings> Personal HotSpot> and turn it on!


What to do if Nextech Cloud isn’t working:

The first thing to do if you are on an IPad is to make sure that it’s updated to the latest version of the software! You can do this by clicking the Gear Icon, general, and then software update.

If that doesn’t work, power the device off and back on. Sounds silly but a lot of the time, it works!

If you are still having trouble, give Nextech a call (866-654-4396). Our account can be found by our phone number (919-785-1220) or by our practice name, Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery.


What to do if you are having computer/printer/outlook issues:

-Try turning the devices off and back on. 

-If that doesn’t work, hop on the #needhelp slack channel. The odds are pretty good someone around has run into the issue before and can help!

-No luck? Submit a ticket to HelpMe@eyenetsecurity.com (soon to be carolinasIT)


What to do if our phones go down:

If possible, try to roll them to the answering service so they can take messages for us. Call the office number and wait to speak to someone at the answering service and let them know what’s going on.

Call TRM and let them know 919-779-0776. They will be able to let us know if it’s an “us” issue, or a Spectrum issue.

If it’s a spectrum issue, call them to notify them of the outage and get an estimated timeframe.


What to do if there is a major/urgent building issue:

Call: 704-442-0222 and alert them to the problem 

Kyle Kneeland, our property manager can be reached at his cell or office:

Office 704-442-0222

Direct 704-749-7242


What to do for smaller building issues/maintenance:

Submit a work order https://flagshiphp.com/tenants/

If you don’t have a log in, ask your team leader to help!


What to do if you need a key to a space in the building:

All keys to our spaces are located on the “Shamrock” key chain located next to the DP check in computer


What to do if you need a company card:

Reach out to your team leader!


If you get locked out:

The building is open the following hours:

M: 7a-8p

T: 6:30a-8p

W: 5:45a-8p

Th: 7a-8p

F: 6a-6:15p

Sat: 645:a-2p

Sun: Closed


If you need to be here outside of those hours, please contact your team leader!


What to do if you need to contact the cleaning crew:

Margaret Moore is our contact person for the cleaning crew, The Budd Group.

Phone: 336-343-9405