Define the Archetype


Note: For the purposes of this exercise, an "archetype" simply refers to a very typical example of a certain type of patient. 

Once we have selected and prioritized our marketing efforts, the temptation is to immediately start to build something—which of course, is the crux of the "ready, fire, aim next time" approach to marketing we all hope to avoid.

Instead, we take the Abe Lincoln approach: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." By having the discipline to clearly define our the archetype we want to serve, we gain the ability to laser focus our marketing efforts.

There are many ways to define an archetype. In an effort to find the best options for our team, we "tried on" about a dozen variations throughout the process of creating this guide.

The three techniques which we most strongly believe in are listed below and explained in detail in the following sections:


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Written by Robbie Poe

Robbie Poe has a passion for helping others win in business and has been leading teams for more than a decade. He was a hand-selected member of Dave Ramsey’s senior leadership team where he was responsible for a $25MM a year product line, and he consulted for a year with our practice’s leadership team before joining full time as our COO / Integrator.