Each Trimester

It’s official, there is a little baby creating a home inside your belly! This journey will be full of emotions, bumps in the road (and your belly) & questions. I want to be here to help you along the way. 

Creating deadlines and goals for yourself is important in so many different ways. For example, your bills have a deadline, you may have given yourself deadlines at work to finish a project, financial goals and even personal goals. Why not set some goals up throughout your pregnancy. There are some key things that you should keep in mind as you reach each trimester of your pregnancy. 

First Trimester:

Now that it is truly official, whats next? Do you just wait for these 9 months to go by until you have a newborn in your arms? No mama! It’s time to start planning this rollercoaster ride. The first trimester can be challenging. You're tired, you're emotional, you're nauseated, but you're also excited and overwhelmed with support and love! There are a few things that I would recommend you start thinking about.

  • Start your prenatal vitamins if you haven’t already! 
    Do your research and find a kind that is best for you! Be sure to start taking these as soon as you find out you're pregnant. These vitamins will help your baby grow as well as give you some daily vitamins too!
  • Talk with your doctor!
    Your doctors appointments can become so routine to both you and your physician. Take the time to ask him/her all the questions you have! If you are taking any routine medications, ask if they are still safe to take while pregnant. Also, if your job has any harsh chemicals, radiation or heavy lifting, be sure to express that concern as well. This is your chance to get everything out on the table so you can do what is best for you and your baby!
  • Insurance
    Starting your research with your insurance company will become easier in the long run, if you start that now. 

Second Trimester:

Yippie, your 4 months into your pregnancy! How are you feeling!? Let me guess, hungry, tired, slightly getting anxious but still beyond thrilled! You have had people touching your belly that you may or may not have given permission to.  You also have people that light up with joy when they see your pregnant belly come through the door. I am one of them! The enjoyment of pregnancy goes beyond just the mom, it spreads to everyone as we each get more excited to see you grow into the wonderful mom that you will become. 

It is now time for you to start making a plan for your work load both before and after your baby’s arrival. In other words, start planning your maternity leave. It is important that you think about what all your plan needs to involve. 

Your maternity leave plan should be established and approved by your team leader by the end of your second trimester! Don’t let this get away from you! It will help you relieve work stress for both yourself and your team. Trust me, the more details that are figured out - the easier it is for you to walk away and trust your team that your job duties are in the right persons hand. 

A few other things that I would recommend you focus on this trimester are:

  • Continue to edit and adjust your Maturity Leave Plan
  • Read a book! I know, I know - a book isn’t going to make anything easier. But - I say give it a chance. You may be surprised at how much a baby book prepares you! I was!
  • Do your research on Pediatricians. Who do you want as your baby’s doctor? Ask your friends in your area for their feedback. 
  • Do you have any thoughts or desire to breastfeed your baby? If so, look into getting your breast pump through your insurance. Ask Nana, she will help you!

Side Note: Breastfeeding is hard, period. Ask any mom out there - they will agree. You are still an amazing mom if you choose to formula feed your baby. 

Fed is best!

Third Trimester:

Congratulations, you have now been carrying around your belly for about 7 months. It’s heavy, right?! Can you see your feet anymore? Don’t worry - its probably best that you don’t see the swollen stumps that are holding you up! You're starting to have more doctors appointments, things are starting to get ‘real’ and you may honestly be more nervous than you ever have been. Good news, it’s okay! 

Not only have you made it into your third trimester, you have also earned a new parking spot at work! You go girl! You deserve it! Walking is hard with extra weight so Dr. Davis and Dr. Pyle want to treat you to a covered parking spot in the parking deck where you can have a shorter walking commute! 

Since you are experiencing more of the struggle and fatigue of pregnancy, make time to communicate with your team leader and Nana on how your appointments are going. Make adjustments to your schedule if you need to with the approval of your team leader. Do you plan to work until something happens or do you plan to take some time off before your due date? These things will be covered in your maternity leave plan, but its helpful to know you have the resources. 


You're now 9 months pregnant, buckle up buttercup - its show time!