Health Insurance

Health insurance can be fairly complex, so we’ve divided our resources into two different articles…

The first is this one, where you will find a simple, high-level overview of the plans which we offer. The second article, “Deep Dive: Health Insurance” is designed to help you determine which policy is best for you.

The Plans

We are excited to offer our team two different Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plans to select from. One of the plans is a “PPO” and the other is a “High-Deductible Health Plan” which comes with a “Health Savings Account.”

Here are the highlight sheets for each plan:

The Cost

On average, the cost health insurance plans increase between 5% and 15% each year. The amount our plan increases in largely based on how many claims our entire team had the previous year, so please expect that.

Below, you will find the current monthly cost of each level of our plans (the number below the monthly cost is for an entire year):

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 11.36.26 AM.jpg

The Allowance

Contingent on which Work Schedule you follow, we are so excited to offer you an allowance to help you cover the cost of whichever plan you select:

  • 5-Day Work Schedule: $400/month allowance

  • 4-Day Work Schedule: $320/month allowance

Free HSA Contribution

If you select the high-deductible health plan, we will also make a one-time contribution into your HSA within the first year—no strings attached!

  • 5-Day Work Schedule: $2,000

  • 4-Day Work Schedule: $1,600


Can I get more cash in my paycheck if I don’t choose a plan?
If you elect not to participate in the health insurance plan, it can actually harm the rates for the entire team (because part of our rate is determined by percentage of team participation.) Because of this, we do not want to encourage team members to opt out.