How We Do Front of House

Walk into most medical offices, and what do you find? A receptionist. Someone whose goal is to ensure you get accurately checked in or checked out.

Helpful experience? Sure. Memorable experience? Hardly.

And that’s how we’re different. When you walk into our practice, you don’t find a receptionist. You find Front of House Coordinators, and our goal is markedly different.

Our Front of House team strives to create the most (fill in this blank) experience of a person’s entire day. And here’s how we do it…

Surprise & Delight

As Front of House Coordinators, we are the front line of service. 
Our voices are the first to be heard and our faces the last to be seen. 
The expectations we set with a patient reflect on our entire team.

Above all else, we strive to be remembered. 
We accomplish this by intentionally creating “Surprise & Delight” moments with every single patient.

How? By having a repeatable process that we can customize for each patient’s experience. Just like the bellhop at Ritz Carlton hotels who asks very intentional questions of a guest between the lobby and their room.

For us, here’s what this process looks like… (needs to be created)

Our Responsibilities

Since our roles are so unique, there is often a little confusion about what we are specifically responsible for—so allow us to offer some clarity!

Check-In Coordinator
As the Check-In Coordinator, I am the first team member’s face that a patient will see. It’s my responsibility to immediately disarm our guests and greet them warmly.

After making certain they have the proper paperwork in-hand to be filled out, I ensure each of our guests are comfortable and know what to expect as a next step.

I’m also responsible for maintaining the aesthetics of a significant portion of our office. Seeing as how we are an aesthetic practice, it’s an important role that I take great pride in owning.

Check-Out Coordinator
As the Check-Out Coordinator, my voice is the first to be heard over the phone and the last to be heard as a patient departs.

It’s my responsibility to help our guests get what they want as quickly as possible, while establishing a relational connection. That could include answering the phone within 2 rings, booking appointments, or answering questions via text or live chat.

I’m also responsible for setting our team up for success while moving patients from the front office to the back office. This includes preparing documentation and sending team alerts.

Lastly, similar to the Check-In Coordinator, I own a large portion of the office in regards to maintaining aesthetics.


We have been given many faux-titles and responsibilities over the years, many of which have prevent us from accomplishing our #1 priority: establishing and maintaining contact with the patients who need our service.

Therefore, we have to be proactive about guarding ourselves from distractions that make us ineffective. Here are a few that have come up often which take our attention away from serving our cosmetic patients.

Team Gophers
Does your whole team need someone to go pick-up Starbucks? Feel free to ask if we would like something, but please don’t get upset when we can’t make the pick-up.

Amazon Order Takers
Managing orders for an entire office simply isn’t manageable, especially from a cost-savings perspective. At our office, team leaders are responsible for all Amazon orders.

Labs and Pathology
We love to take ownership over medical record requests! But please send all labs and pathology requests/reports through our wonderful Clinical Team.

Insurance Care Coordinating
There are few calls that are more time consuming than insurance calls, often taking as many as 20 minutes a piece. It’s just not possible to serve our team or guests while taking these extended calls. Therefore, if an incoming insurance call is going to take more than 2 minutes, we transfer that call to Carol or a PCC (specifically for breast reduction inquiries).

Chart Filing
We’re always happy to help file, but accountability of chart filing falls to the Clinical Team.

Chart Retrieval
Sometimes the team needs a chart that is down in storage. Since leaving our desk for several minutes would abandon the reception areas, we depend on the help of our team to retrieve those charts for us.

Skin Provider Follow-Up Scheduling
In the past, we have done our best to handle the scheduling of follow-up appointments for providers. Not only has this been an overwhelming process in the midst of check-out, but it’s also been ineffective. Simply put, when it comes to medical care, we’ve found that patients listen to providers more than us 🙂

So there you have it! How we do what we do up at the Front of House. We love you and are honored to serve you and our patients.

Front of House Team, out. ✌🏽