Maternity Leave

Paid Benefit

We are proud to offer a partial-paid maternity plan, calculated based on the Work Schedule you are currently on:

  • 5-Day Work Schedule: 6 weeks paid

  • 4-Day Work Schedule: 5 weeks paid

Maternity Support 

We believe that Work is Family. When members of our team choose to grow their families at home we’re here to help make that life changing transition as seamless as we can.

In a practice made up of 87% women, pregnancy and maternity  is a common, joyful occurrence around here.

Because we wanted to make our maternity related processes better and ensure that it was sustainable for the business at the same time, we formed a group of women representing all different parts of the business who met over a series of weeks to identify struggles of maternity, parenthood, and work/life balance. Through feedback from the group and collaboration from our senior leadership team, we developed our way to maternity.  

Our maternity leave policy provides each team member 6 weeks of paid maternity leave with the option to take an additional 6 weeks of maternity leave unpaid, totaling in 12 weeks home with baby.   

Meet Nana. Our Guide to Life's Major Changes

In meeting, we realized that one of the main things we were missing for our team was a “go to” for all things maternity and frankly for any life changing events. This is where “Nana” was born. Nana is one of our team members who can serve as a go-to for resources regarding all things maternity. She will point each team member to the resources on this site and after it’s been reviewed will have a scheduled meeting with each expecting team member. During this meeting she’ll help answer any additional questions they may have and offer suggestions that may help them along the way.

Planning Your Maternity Leave + Your Return

When it comes to planning leave, the roles at our office are dramatically different therefore there is no “one size fits all” maternity plan for each person to follow. Our team has the autonomy to create their own maternity plan using the guidance from a particular template. Once they have completed their first draft of the guide, they can ask Nana for feedback/suggestions and present to their leader for feedback.

Our team identified that work/life balance after you have the baby and return to work was by far the biggest pain point around parenthood so we established a few things to help our team figure out  how to plan a return that sets them up for success and relieves some stress and anxiety. After all, the changes their mind and body have gone through over the past several months are extreme. It’s important to us that our working moms feel honored.  

The happiest working moms at our office are the ones who have set their schedules in such a way that they either:

  • See their children in the morning (arriving at 8:30 am each day) and leaving at 5.

  • See their children in the evening (arriving at 7 or 7:30 am each day and leaving at 4 or 4:30)

  • Work 4 days/week and get an additional day day to spend with their child.

We strongly encourage our team to consider the information above when planning their return from maternity.

In addition, we understand that unexpected events happen.

Life can get hard sometimes. We get it. Instead of a team member worrying that all of their PTO is going to have to be spent dealing with life's emergencies like a sick child, each team leader can use their discretion to give their team members paid time off to deal with emergent situations that will not be deducted from their allotted yearly PTO. We call this Emergency PTO. This allows our team the peace of mind to know that a sick child or family member won’t stand in the way of the time they had schedule to connect with their family on a beach a few months later. (We got you girl.)

If you’d like to read more about your PTO, visit here.


Additional work perks for the expecting mother:

  • All expecting mothers are given a reserved, covered parking space to use beginning in their 3rd trimester (or really whenever they feel they need to start using it during their pregnancy.)

  • We have established a discount for all team members with a licensed massage therapist. She is trained and certified in prenatal and postnatal massage therapy.

  • A warm welcome back to work.