Meet Nana

Where do you even begin when it comes to being pregnant? Do you google your answers? Maybe. Do you read a book? Probably at some point. Do you have someone you can go to with questions and encouragement in your work place? Yes, yes you do! 


Meet Nana.

Nana is one of our very own team members! Some refer to her as Natalie (her actual name), others know her as Natdawg, but you can refer to her as Nana Nat.  She has kids of her own & is a working mom. So, to say that she knows a little bit about what to expect and what to plan, is a fair statement. Nana will be your biggest cheerleader in the next 9 months of your life, here at work! Along with your partner, family and friends, Nana also wants what is best for you and your baby.

Make time to start preparing to meet with Nana. Take a look at some things to keep in mind:

  • Questions & Answers
    Bring all the questions you have! Start thinking short term and long term. A lot of these questions will be discussed with Nana, but it's so good to start wrapping your mind around it all. It will be good to discuss this with Nana as she may have advice or thoughts to answer your question. 
  • Bring your templates!
    Before your chat with Nana, take a look at the templates and bring them with you. Both of you will go through these and see what your deadline and realistic goals may be along the way. 
  • Relax.
    Don’t be nervous to open up. It's a natural feeling that everyone goes through. Please come to Nana with your experiences, she just wants to help! If you want to cry, then let it out - Nana has tissues. 

One more thing you can trust Nana for..your privacy. She gets it. We get it. Pregnancy is hard, becoming a mom is hard, working with a newborn is hard, period. Please feel free to come to Nana with whatever it may be. If there are things you don’t want to share with everyone, she’s got your back.