Our Brand Voice

A brand's voice is far more than the way it sounds to the marketplace. It's how every single interaction, touchpoint, and team member should be described by someone coming in contact with our business.

It's one of the primary filters that should help us accelerate decision making and give us clues into why certain moments feel "weird" or "off" or "not like us."


Steve Jobs once said, "Simple is more difficult than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean and to make something feel simple. But it’s worth it in the end, because once you get there, you can move mountains."

No one enjoys feeling spoken down to or when someone speaks over their heads. We are committed to the difficult work of presenting our infinitely complex world of medicine and surgery in a way that is approachable and easy to understand.


Due to the prominence of extreme, over-exaggerated examples of plastic surgery in the media, our culture has a very specific mental picture of the type of person who either works in the field of plastic surgery or seeks it out as a patient.

Many people never even consider plastic surgery, because they have a perspective of those people instead of my people. We believe that we can remove one of the most significant barriers to plastic surgery by simply showing the world that they don't have to become one of us to consider it—because they already are one of us.


We have been around long enough to know that nearly every new patient comes in with their guard up. Understandably so, the common emotional threads we hear from patients is how nervous, apprehensive, anxious, or afraid they were about even dialing our phone number.

It's easy for us to forget how uncomfortable it is for patients to talk about what makes them the most uncomfortable; and fortunately, we have experienced countless moments of patients letting that guard down and telling us how they felt through their experience with us.

Consistently, the sentiments we hear from our patients which made the biggest difference in their ability to relax was our choice to:

  • Slow down, always being willing to answer "one last question" no matter how trivial it may seem.
  • Make meaningful efforts to connect, based on the patients unique personal values.
  • Help their burden feel lighter, through both empathy and authority.

Take a look at the following review from Yelp:

"Dr. Pyle and his staff are great. The office is very nice and clean, and everyone was really friendly. Dr. Pyle took his time to explain everything and answered all of my questions. This was truly a no pressure environment. Peggy & Jess were both extremely helpful, and Molly was easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. I have been 100% happy with this office."

When you read through our most heartfelt reviews, you can literally check the three boxes of our brand voice—not because we created it out of thin air—because it's clearly what people are drawn to and desire from their experience with us.

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Written by Robbie Poe

Robbie Poe has a passion for helping others win in business and has been leading teams for more than a decade. He was a hand-selected member of Dave Ramsey’s senior leadership team where he was responsible for a $25MM a year product line, and he consulted for a year with our practice’s leadership team before joining full time as our COO / Integrator.