Our Three-Step Process

As previously mentioned, we believe that bold, effective marketing is the byproduct of combining quirky brilliance with calculated decision making. In years past, we have often taken a "ready, fire, aim" approach, promising ourselves that we'll do better next time.

From a business resource standpoint, we have been able to extend our focus over a longer period and accomplish exponentially more in a fraction of the time by adopting a quarterly rhythm (think Rocks, offsites, etc.)

We believe it's time to expand the boundaries of this quarterly rhythm to include a new three-step marketing process:


Purposefully designed as a pyramid, each of the three steps build upon, support, and inform one another. Interestingly, we already believe in and have utilized the principles behind each of these three steps in the past—but never as an intentional methodology, one following and empowering the other.


To further expound on and illustration the point above, we have created a roadmap of sorts to guide the team through our step-by-step way of marketing on a quarterly rhythm. It is outlined below, and unpacked in the following sections of this guide.

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Written by Robbie Poe

Robbie Poe has a passion for helping others win in business and has been leading teams for more than a decade. He was a hand-selected member of Dave Ramsey’s senior leadership team where he was responsible for a $25MM a year product line, and he consulted for a year with our practice’s leadership team before joining full time as our COO / Integrator.