Insurance + Pregnancy

Anything that has the word insurance in it, can be overwhelming and scary. It is easy to put your guard up by saying, “It doesn’t make sense to me, so I will deal with it later.” Well good news, this is where Davis + Pyle helps guide you along the way. The question is, what should I expect when it comes to insurance during pregnancy and childbirth?

Within your visits to your OBGYN, you will likely meet with someone in their insurance department. This appointment usually happens fairly early in the process. At this appointment, you will discuss the financial portion of your insurance and what you will owe along the way. It would be helpful for you to ask your OBGYN practice when they start taking payments. Why would you ask that? Well, some practices will accept all the out-of-pocket payment at once, after the baby is born. On the other hand, some will ask for a monthly deposit starting within the first few months of your pregnancy.  We don’t want for you to be shocked by any surprise expenses so we encourage you to ask ahead of time!

These monthly payments will also be added to your hospital bill. There is a chance (a small chance) you will get some money back, due to your hospital bill, when the time comes.  What does that mean? If your monthly payments exceed the total of your hospital bill, you will get the difference back. However, if your monthly payments do not cover all of the hospital bill, you will receive a bill with the remaining balance that you owe. All of that will be discussed with the insurance department at your OBGYN. Once you receive your hospital bill in the mail, you can absolutely put it on a payment plan if needed. Follow the steps on your bill to handle this as needed. 

In addition to the insurance for yourself, you will also need to make accommodations for your new baby to be covered with health insurance. Once you receive their Social Security Card in the mail, you can then call your insurance provider and add them to your plan. You will receive new updated cards in the mail from your insurance provider with the child's name on it.  Your pediatrician will likely ask if you have their insurance card as you start going to your doctors appointments, just tell them you have not received it in the mail. When you do get it, just show them at the next appointment you have! 

Suggestions on how to keep up with your insurance card:

  • Take a picture on your phone - that way you always have it! As a new mom, the chances of you forgetting something at home between the diapers, wipes, and baby, is high! So, having it on your phone for you will be helpful! It will also allow you to text it to your husband, your parents or anyone that may need it as they may take your child to any appointment, if needed. 
  • Let your husband/partner have a copy of it
  • Keep one on you at all times