Profit Sharing

What is Profit Sharing?

Profit Sharing is one of the most exciting benefits that was over two years in the making. Here’s how it works…

At the end of each month, Dr. Davis and Dr. Pyle generously set aside a portion of the revenue that they are fully entitled to take home, and they choose to invest it back into our team’s paychecks. How amazing is that?!

Said differently, the more we can increase revenue and decrease expenses, the more reward each of us will get each month. It’s simply another way that Dr. Davis and Dr. Pyle say, “Thank you for everything you do to make this place more stable. It’s seen, and it’s appreciated.”

The Three Factors

The amount of the Profit Sharing pool that you receive will be based on three factors, detailed below.

Tenure – Because you should dance with the girl who brung ya. Said differently, people who have been around a long time should be rewarded at a higher level than someone who has only been around for a half second.

Indispensability – Are you a Linchpin? Are you an Ideal Team Player? Team members who contribute a disproportionate amount, compared to the time they’ve been here, are truly indispensable.

Attitude – Are you always extremely positive regardless of the situation? Or are you hard as heck to work with because you’re always gossiping, complaining, and saying “that’s not my job.” Simply put, the better your attitude, the more money will be in your profit sharing check.

How It’s Calculated

Indispensability and Attitude will be scored quarterly for each team member on a scale of 1 to 5. The higher your score, the more of the Profit Sharing pool you will be entitled to.

The meaning of each number:

  • 5: Simply out of this world. Take all the money.

  • 4: Wow, you went above and beyond all last quarter!

  • 3: Excellence. This is the default score and everyone’s bar.

  • 2: You’re missing our standard of excellence.

  • 1: How are you still here?


How often is Profit Sharing paid out?
The previous month’s profit sharing is paid out on the 15th of the following month.

When am I eligible?
You will start accumulating profit sharing after 90 days of being on our team.

How much do Dr. Davis and Dr. Pyle put into the pool each month?