Pumping at Work

Where to pump?

If you have chosen the breastfeeding route for you and your baby, we want to continue to support you. We totally understand that it is important to you as you continue to be their nutritional provider!

Within our practice, we have created a room that you can have access to that is private and comfortable for you to pump. There is a room within Skin Raleigh, that has be designated as a multifunctional room. With that being said, you do need to keep in mind, there will be other people needing the room for other things. A calendar has been created for everyone on the team to block out time periods throughout the day, as they need it. 

Make yourself comfortable in there. Relax girl, your body has some work to do! Let your body focus on your milk production. Watch videos of your baby, hear her/his voice, or listen to something calming in headphones. Take this time to let your body work it's magic.

I know your next question is probably; “So, where can I keep my milk for the rest of my work day?” 

We have a designated shelf in the fridge at Skin Raleigh! Your milk is safe there for the rest of the day! Everyone at Skin knows what that shelf is for, so no one will throw anything out. 

As a side note; remember - fed is best! Breast milk and formula will help your baby grow. Don’t beat yourself up if you come back to work and your milk production goes down! We are here to support you and please let us know if there is anything we can help with! 

In order to block the room for pumping, take a look at the steps below to get your calendar set up!


Adding the Video Room Calendar to Outlook on Windows:

• Click Calendar Icon

(located on the bottom left of your Outlook)

• Once your Calendar opens up, at the top of the window screen select

               - Home

               - then click Open Calendar

               - then click From Room List

• A window will open up you will select, Video Room (if it is not there, just type it in and it will pop up)

• Add by clicking Rooms, followed by OK

• You will now be able to video the calendar on the side of your screen. To view the calendar, make sure the box is clicked (and un-click to un-view)


Adding the Video Room to Calendar to Outlook on Mac:

• Click Calendar on the left sure of the window

• Click Tools

• Click Accounts..

• Select your exchange account on the left side of the Accounts window

• Click Advanced..

• Click Delegates

• Click the plus “ + “ icon below the box labeled “People I am a delegate for..”

• Enter Video Room and click Find

• Select Video Room then click OK

• Click OK again

• Close the Accounts window

• In your list of Calendars, tick the box next to Video Room to view it.